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    Amazon City: Where real women live online



In order to provide a safe space for women in Amazon City, we request that you respect the following rules and guidelines. By requesting an Amazon City Passport, you are agreeing to the following guidelines: 

We respect your right to free speech but require that you accept the following condition on your usage of this service: Please do not use your account to harass others. If you are asked to cease contacting someone via our service, we ask that you respect that wish. 

Both women and men are welcome in Amazon City. Our community is based on respect, and attacks on individuals, especially because of their gender, are not tolerated. (This applies to both genders.) Unwanted sexual advances or innuendo are explicitly discouraged in Amazon City and the Amazon City discussion boards. 

In addition, our Amazon City Cafe has additional guidelines for behavior outlined in the Cafe area. Please read those guidelines prior to participating in the Cafe. 

You are responsible for your own words in Amazon City. This means you retain copyright to items you have posted here, but you explicitly give Amazon City permission to "publish" such words by your act of posting them. By posting any information to Amazon City, you warrant that you are the original author (except in cases of "fair use" or when passing along general announcements that are meant to be forwarded). You also warrant that you are not violating the copyright of any other person, that you are not invading the privacy of others through your posts, and that you are not stating anything of a libelous or defamatory nature. Amazon City is not responsible, legally or otherwise, for words you post to Amazon City, and we reserve the right to remove or hide your posts, database entries, home pages, or other writings, at any time for any reason. 

By signing up for an Amazon City Passport, you agree that you are not masquerading as another person, famous or otherwise, and that any alias you use is done to protect your privacy and not to harm or denigrate others. 

You agree to hold Amazon City harmless for any action taken by any member that you disagree with, dislike, or otherwise makes you uncomfortable. While we do our best to secure a safe space for you here, we in no way guarantee it and are not responsible for the actions taken by Amazon City visitors, "residents" or Passport holders. 

We agree to keep your information private. We will not sell or rent out your name or email address to other parties unless you explicitly give us permission to do so! 

This service is provided AS-IS and as such there are no warranties or guarantees regarding its use or availability. Amazon City reserves the right to withhold membership for any reason at any time. 

If you agree to these guidelines, please continue and receive your free Amazon City Passport by filling in the information on the right. Otherwise, we hope you will enjoy the many publicly-available resources we have at Amazon City. 

We hope you enjoy your stay in Amazon City! Please come back and visit often! 

Please read the Amazon City Ordinances before filling out this application. By hitting the submit button below, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the City Ordinances on the left.


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**In the likely event that you forget your password, you will be able to retrieve this information by entering your mother's maiden name.

NOTE: You get ONE Passport per email address! If you already have an account, but forgot your password, fill out the password request form to retrieve your password.