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Lorri's Poetry

I hope you enjoy my poetry, these are some of my older ones. I hope to add more soon. So Please feel free to give me any comments,you can contact me by clicking here



"Hanging On"

I miss you more than words can say,
A little more every day.

My family says that I should move on,
But I cannot seem to break the bond.

My friends say that I should forget you,
But my love for you is too true.

They all say that I'm crazy for hanging on,
Because all of them would've been long gone.

Will we ever be together again??
If so I wish God would send me a sign of when.

Until then I'll just sit and wait,
For something big and great.

"Listen To..."

They say you should do what's always in your heart;
Often feeling bad but you're never torn apart.

You cry a tear or force a smile.
You can feel gay but only for a while.

You take my heart away put it in a box.
Our relationship is always on the rocks.

It looks like it's over, looks like we're done;
While we were together I had a lot of fun.

But now the red light's flashin' it's time to take a break.
Time to move on and cure this heartache.


"A White Rose"

The red rose speaks of passion
And the white rose breathes of love.
The red rose is a falcon,
And the white rose is a dove.
So I'll send you a cream-white rose,
With a flush on it's petal tips.
For the love that's purest and sweetest,
Has a kiss of desire on the lips.

"When I Look At You"

When I look at you
I see the endless beauty that lies within you.
I see the person who makes me see
Through the darkness of the night
And leads me into the light.

When I look at you I see the girl
That I want to be with for all of my life.

I see the girl who needs my love and affection
Just as much as I need hers.

When I look at you I can see forever your eyes.

I see the soul that has been hurts so many times.

I see the soul that needs my loving and nurturing.

When I look at you I fall in love all over again

The Journey

Once upon a midnight dreary,
I wander onward weak and weary.
Dreaming of the never ending,
Thinking 'bout the message sending.
Telling of the never said,
Words just pour from my head.
Letting you know just how I feel,
All my dreams they seem so real.

They sky is turning very black,
Now I know there's no turning back.
One step forward is all it takes,
Healing fears and the heart that breaks.
Causing sorrow in my day,
Thinking there's another way.

Remembering things that make me smile,
Looking back I've walked a mile.

As Time Goes By

Working slowly, slowly, click,
The second hand turns clockwise quick.
The eye blinks in a fraction,
No one notices this insignificant action.
The ball connects as the ear with the cracking,
The ball is caught, effort the element lacking.
A baby breathes, exhaling just the same,
A last shot is deftly shot winning the game.
A last moment in the world as the eyes close,
The shutter is snapped of the model's sleek pose.
A tear drops as it soaks into the shirt,
The blood of the hunted drops onto the dirt.
Ripples are started by the "plunk" of a stone,
The students rush out at the sound of the tone.
You neither have to be human or even adolescent,
To be captured in a moment of a fraction of a second.


rejected by the world

Destined to be isolated
to be alone
Just another piece of trash
to be disposed of

Troubled heart
troubled soul
no one to turn to
no offering of love

Just another one
a lost child
cluttering up the streets
in the way

The Leaving

The sadness of letting go
leaving behind
passing by
the dream-like continuum

Everything's changed
nothing remains
but memories
echoes of the past

Moving ahead
clinging to what is known

Forced to go
with pain and longing
look to the future
don't look at what's behind

remember not to forget
go on.

Keep On Rolling

Why does it even bother me??
Why do I even care??
Even when we were together
We didn't seem all there.

But now that you are gone
And you've gained something new
I feel pathetic and different
I don't know what to do.

I thought I was over it.
I thought I had control.
But my heart has now decided
Without me to take a stroll.

I thought hostile thoughts
And spoke harsh words
I used these to cover my feelings
But they all come back and reverb.

I wish I could spill my heart to you
Tell you I still do care
But now that I look at you
I kow I shouldn't dare.

Well now I hope you are happy
I hope you get all taht you need
For when it comes to others' feelings
I shouldn't be filled with greed.

And now I have a dark gaping hole
Where my heart used to be
But soon I will move on without you
Because I hope you have with out me.

copyright 1998 Lorri



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