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3rd Generation Storefronts from ImagineNation

This index.htm file is a lead in document with links to a sample storefront, the setup Mentors, and an un configured storefront.

MyStore3 uses Mentors to step you through the setup process. The Mentors are designed to aid in an understanding of the operation of this storefront as well as provide a convenient way to customize every facet of your own store. Begin setting up with the configuration Mentor. This is where you get to establish the look of the store....a fun place to start.

MyStore Mentors

MyStore3™ uses a built-in database structure which allows you to enter product listings and see how the store setup is progressing before ever going live with a single page.

This is what your store looks like now:
Your store right now.

This is what it can look like with a few simple graphics and some configuration.
The Candy Store
  This is a demo using NetSales, a store configured to let you test all aspects of payment processing. Before sending an order, open the candystore.htm file in a text editor or the Configuration Mentor and change the 'sendto' (send POs to) parameter to your e-mail address and reload the store. To test real time credit card processing through CyberCash, enter Visa number 4111111111111111 on the returned form. Use any future date.
Click NetSales to return here.

MyStore3™ is unique. After entering the registration values with the correct "SENDTO" e-mail address, you can send a purchase order to yourself, through our server, while running your store from your own computer. (you must be connected to the internet) This lets you completely configure and test your store before uploading a single file to your hosting provider.

When you're ready to go "live" with your store, simply upload the top MyStore folder and all sub folders and files to your host (ISP) computer. Link the store from your home pages by linking to MyStore/storefront.htm where storefront.htm is the file you configure and name.

When you are ready to go "live" with your store, simply upload all files and folders to your hosting provider. You don't have to upload the Setup folder and demo storefront unless it's just convenient to do so.

Evaluation copies of MyStore3™ Lite use our mail server at to forward your purchase orders. This server does not support any payment options requiring customer feedback such as credit card or check input forms. Upon purchasing a licence to run an unrestricted copy of MyStore3™, you receive free use of of our secure server which does support all payment options. You also receive, without additional charge, your private Merchant Utilities pages at where you can set up the various payment options, subscribe to order logs, change your storename, receive free upgrades, and get all of the latest MyStore™ information.

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