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Please note that some sections are available in Italian, these are noted by Italian version - versione Italia Clicking on it will take you to that version

Oils & Magick

Description of oils and their properties. For a more complete listing and the use of them in spells you will need to use the aromatheraphy section


Types of herbs, their properties, growing, harvesting using etc.


Making and empowering candles for Magick and personal pleasure

Bath Salts

The making of Bath Salts for ritual and/or pleasure. Using scents & colours. A more complete listing is found in the aromatherapy section under bath salts.


SpellsRestricted Access version Italia

An assortment of spells, from love to money, protection and health something for all can be had here(unrestricted)


The power of food. Bread, pasta, entrees, desserts. actually I have a catering biz too, so you can order some items online.



My personal beliefs and philosophy


Places that I feel that you would like to visit and that I am happy to share with you

Italian Culture new section

This is the newest section you will find at the moment. It contains all the links for the things you want to know about Itlalian ways of life. Both past and present are covered in this section. I've put together a major food section along with zines and such.

For those who find things not in English you may want to use this page for translating.Translator  utilities

PeopleLinkthis is a great program to communicate with others online. I can be found there, just use my Email address to add me to your list

ICQ is another great way of contacting me, you can add me to your list using the #19623319

Ariete-21/3-20/4 Toro-21/4-21/5 Gemelli-22/5-21/6
Bilancia-23/9-22/10 Scorpione-23/10-21/11 Sagittario-22/11-21/12
Capricorno-22/12-21/1 Cancro-22/6-22/7 Pesci-20/2-20/3
Leone-23/7-22/8 Acquario-22/1-19/2 Vergine-23/8-22/9

Discover your Past LifeThis only works with Net 3.0 and 2.0. It will also work with Opera and Hot Java. I have not tried it with Net 4.6 or 7. It may work with MSIE5. What phase is the Moon? this little page will tell you exactly where the moon is and how many days until the next full moon. (Did you know that you can drag this link into your browers tool bar and have the moon phases accesible whenever you want?)

A page devoted to online readings of Tarot, I Ching, Runes etc. Some very good insights. For some reason, most likely they were bought out, some of the selections aren't working. Sorry about this, I will try and find replacement programs.

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