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She is the Revolution


Modeled after communities such as the WELL, ECHO, and Cafe UTNE, Amazon City strives to create intelligent, thought-provoking conversation and friendly community for women of the world. The Amazon City community is centered around our many topical conferences. Unlike chat, which is an immediate conversation you have with someone where all participants need to be logged in at the same time, a conference is a bulletin board where members leave messages for one another at any time, creating some really great and in-depth online "conversations."

Why would I want to participate?
Amazon City is the daily hangout of a number of interesting and dynamic women of all ages from around the world. You'll hear new perspectives, share support, get useful information, network, and above all, have fun, just by participating!

An overview of the software
Amazon City uses a web conferencing system. A web conferencing system is a series of bulletin boards (called conferences) arranged by topics such as Spirituality to Entertainment, Issues, and more. Users can customize their Amazon City experience by selecting conferences they are interested in and adding them to their personal "HotList." The software then keeps track of which conferences have new conversations in them. Everytime you login to Amazon City, your own personal "HotList" will appear, with a list of the number of new messages since your last visit.

Who are hosts and what do they do?
Each conference is moderated by a volunteer host (also known as a fair witness). The purpose of the conference host is to help guide the conversation by providing new topics to discuss, steering conversations away from inappropriate topics, and mediating in the event of a conflict between members. The host is like the host of a party. The host's job is to ensure that the conversation remain useful, on track, and flame free as much as possible.

As a moderated community, Amazon City gives hosts the tools to  direct conversation by creating a new topic or conversation, "freezing" a topic if it is no longer useful (i.e., shut off the topic from further discussion), and even "hiding" a post of a member if it is inappropriate.

What are the rules and why do you have them?
Some people claim that giving hosts the power to moderate conferences amounts to "censorship." We feel that hosts (and rules) provide the proper structure in which we can have a safe, enjoyable community for everyone. Therefore, we request that all conference participants read and abide by not only the Amazon City Ordinances (which you agree to when you sign up for an account), but also our
Conference Guidelines. Members who break the rules may have their accounts suspended, and if mediation does not work (or does not apply), completely terminated. In our community, just like in real life, we have to have certain "traffic laws" and etiquette in order to make the experience livable - and above all, enjoyable - for everyone.

I have a favorite hobby or interest. Can I host or suggest a conference?
You can always suggest a new conference directly in the Hangout conference. If you are interested in becoming a host of your own conference, we request that you participate in the conferences for at least one month on a daily basis (during weekdays) to demonstrate your ability to follow our guidelines and approach other members with respect. Interested applicants can email (Men are welcome to apply as hosts as well.)


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