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City Districts

Our arts and entertainment district includes the Amazon City Library, the Amazon City Cinema, and the Poetry Corner.

A potpourri area with a Lovers Lane, and home of the Amazon City Fashion Police!

Body Zone
In our sports and fitness zone you'll find a Grrl's Locker Room!

Community Square
A place to network with volunteers, community activists, and other do-gooders.

Health Center
Here you'll find the Breast Cancer Resource Center and Dr. Page's Healthy Healing House with alternative health guru Dr. Linda Rector Page!

Professional District
One of our most popular districts, here you can do some job networking or promote your business in our free Unclassifieds.

Soul Quarter
Get some inspiration, share a Tribute to Mom, or solicit some relationship advice from astrologist Mary Rothschild.

Technology Sector
Join the Spiderwoman community of women web designers, read about some special women in the Museum of Women in Science and Technology, or get some car help on the Autobahn.

City Features

Amazon City Cafe
A place to converse, share, and chat with other cool women! This community is one of the most happening on the Internet. Stop on by!

Amazon City Radio
Tune your browser to Amazon City Radio to hear Weekly Women's News, original talk shows, and music, especially for women.

Amazon City Mall
Here you'll find our Amazon City Bookstore, providing a selection of quality books by and for women, in conjunction with

Planet Amazon
Want to find more women on the Internet? Check out our women's web guide!

Daily Horoscopes
Just for fun - Updated daily in our own Amazon City Astrology Center.

Amazon City Business NetworkAmazon City Business Network
Amazon City Business Network

Planet Amazon Banner ExchangePlanet Amazon Banner Exchange
Planet Amazon Banner Exchange

Welcome to
Amazon City!
The intelligent community for women on the Internet

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What's New

Alternate Routes
Entrepreneur Valerie Young examines the challenges and rewards of self-employment. Afraid to follow your bliss? Indulge your worse fears, then get on with it.

A League of Her Own
Batter Up! Marcia Knous offers us a brief history of softball and the very cool role women played in shaping this modern-day pastime.

Congrats to Sheila Robbins
She is our Amazon Entrepreneur of the Month!

In the Library: Bridget Jones's Diary
Bridget Jones - English Ally McBeal or indictment of society's expectations of women?

New in Lovers Lane
Should you stay in the marriage for your child?

Is Feminism Dead?

Women's Weekly News

Amazon City Radio presents Women's Weekly News. Requires RealAudio player version 3 or above.
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From serious issues facing women, to areas where you can sit back and just enjoy, Amazon City has a diverse range of offerings for every woman and every mood...

Your Cheating Heart
Are you a woman having an affair? Find out what our Dear Amazons have to say in their advice for the lovelorn.

Success Club
The Success Club: Whip-smart advice for enterprising Amazonians moving out of the fast lane and onto the right track! Tips, columns, and bulletin boards on money, success, starting a business and more.

Amazon Moms
Hey moms! Come chat with other Amazon Moms in our Amazon Mom Forum!

Amazon City ICQ Group
If you're an ICQ addict you'll love being able to chat and keep in touch with other Amazonians with our
Amazon City ICQ Group. Don't know what ICQ is? Click here to download the free software.

The New Planet Amazon
Amazon City presents Planet Amazon, the hippest webguide for women on the net! Newly revamped, featuring daily picks, weekly columns, reviews, and web tours of sites by and for women!
Click here or go directly:

Amazon City Postcards
Send a girl power postcard to your female friends - and share some power!

Our cool new Amazon City t-shirts are here! Order yours today!

Getting Started

Amazon Express Union Station
Take a quick tour of the city on the Amazon Express, Amazon City's free public transportation system.

We'd love it if you signed our guestbook!

News, commentary, and also site updates!

Getting started, Frequently Asked Questions, and the Help Forum.


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