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Becoming a citizen of Amazon City is easy and free. Anyone can become a resident of Amazon City, regardless of gender. All we ask is that you respect other users of Amazon City.

The core of Amazon City is our web conferencing system, which is a system of
conferences (or bulletin boards) that serve as the "home base" for the community. Just follow these steps to login to our conferences. Once you are comfortable with the conferences and have made friends with other members, you can explore our other community areas, including our chat rooms and instant messaging service.

1. You need an Amazon City Passport - a username and a password to access the most exciting parts of Amazon City. This includes our our web conferences (also known as bulletin boards) and our chat rooms.

2. Once you have a Passport, go back to our home page at To LOGIN, click the LOGIN button and enter in your new username and password EXACTLY as they were spelled when you got your Passport. Passwords are case-sensitive - usernames are ALL lowercase always.

3. When you login from the Amazon City home page, you will see your PERSONALIZED HotList. This is your list of favorite Amazon City conferences (or bulletin boards). You get an initial set of conferences that include Hangout and Test. Hangout is our general conference. Test is where you can practice.

The software is a little complicated at first, because it has so many features. Please don't be intimidated! The HELP button at the bottom of your HotList provides help and detailed instructions on using the conferences. You can also ADD new conferences to your personal HotList using the HOTLIST EDITOR button.

4. When you are ready, stop by Hangout and post a message introducing yourself! We are a friendly bunch and would love to meet you!


*Conferences are different from chat rooms - which some of you might be more used to - conferences are NOT real time conversations but are places where you post messages that remain up on the boards for later reading by other members. You'll find this is a great way to have some fascinating conversations!