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General Help

Instructions for the Cafe Commons


Why can't I access the Cafe Commons?
The two most common reasons someone can't access the Cafe Commons are 1) they have not yet signed up for their Amazon City Passport and 2) they are not entering in the proper username or password. You MUST get an Amazon City Passport to enter the Cafe Commons. To get your passport, click here. Then, when you come back to the Cafe Commons, enter in the username and password you chose exactly. If you already have a username and password, see the next topic. Occasionally, you might have logged in first as a guest or another user, in which case see the section "
I'm trying to access the Cafe Commons as a different user but can't!"

My username/password won't work!
Nine times out of 10, the reason a username and password won't work is because you are entering it incorrectly. Try again, and make sure you enter your username and your password exactly as you received them in your confirmation email. Both usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, which means that a lowercase letter is considered different from an uppercase letter. "Amazon" is different from "amazon" for example. Tip: ALL usernames are lowercase.

Note that if signed up prior to March, 1998, and you want to use our new chat software, you'll need to get a new password generated. (See notes on the chat page.)

I forgot my username or password!
In this case, please stop by the Amazon City help section to generate a new password and have your account information emailed to you. Note that if you signed up for a "Cafe" account more than a year ago and have not used it since, your account has most likely been deleted. Sign up for a new account here.

The chat channels don't work!
Currently, we have two chat channels: One from Chat Planet and one from Talk City. Both are Java-based chatrooms, which means you MUST have a Java-capable browser to use them, and you MUST have Java turned on in your browser. Because everyone uses a different browser, we cannot guarantee these rooms will work on your particular browser. In addition, we do not create the software used for the chat areas. For more help turning Java on in your browser, see your browser manufacturer's home page. For specific help on how to use the Chat Planet system, go to For specific help on how to use the Talk City system, go to

What is Java and why do I need it for the Chatrooms?
Java is a special programming language that allows your browser to download and run a program while you wait. Our chatrooms are currently Java-based, so you must have a Java-enabled browser to use them. (See above.) Since we understand not all of our visitors will have Java-capable browsers, we are working on adding new chat areas that do not require Java. Stay tuned!

I'm trying to access the Cafe Commons as a different user but can't!
When you sign in to the Cafe Commons, it remembers your username and password for you. (It will also remember if you sign in as a guest.) Unfortunately, the Cafe Commons will continue to remember the same username and password until you have exited your browser. We are working on a way to allow members to manually "log off" and then sign on as a different user, but until then, the only way to sign on as a different user is to close your browser program and then restart it, and then log on as the new user.


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