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She is the Revolution


Anyone who uses their Amazon City Passport to access our conferences have already agreed to our Amazon City Ordinances. In addition, registered and non-registered members are requested to respect the culture and abide by these additional conference guidelines:

1. Respect. Our community is based on respect, and attacks on individuals, especially because of their gender, are not tolerated. (This applies to both genders.)

2. Privacy and Your Words. We follow the WELL's policy of "You Own Your Own Words." This means that anything you post to the conferences is owned by YOU and thus you have ultimate say over what happens to your words. Other members do not have permission to copy or distribute your work without your permission.

Also, since some of what is discussed in the conferences is private or personal nature, please respect the forum by respecting its privacy. Please do not copy or distribute messages and posts to the conferences without permission from the author unless the message is obviously an announcement intended to be forwarded. When in doubt, ask. This applies to both public and private conferences. However, please remember that anything you post to the conferences is not secure - we cannot guarantee your privacy.

3. Flames. Flames are not encouraged, but disagreement and debate is. Flame wars are loosely defined as that which denigrates to personal attacks and insulting language... however, because everyone has differing levels of what is polite, a lot of slack needs to be cut in this area. What is a flame to you might just be a discussion to another.

4. Free speech. **Part of a supportive environment is the ability for people of differing opinions to feel safe in expressing them.** Please support and respect the right of free speech...this includes opinions that might offend or bother you. As long as an opinion is expressed without flaming (see above), it is valid. See item 5 for free speech and the spam rule.

5. Spamming. Please do not abuse the conferences by posting inappropriate material to the discussion forums, whether such material is commercial or political in nature. Most spams are "advertisements" or "announcements" about a particular event, service, or issue that does not relate to the topic at hand or are blatantly commercial in nature. For our purposes, "spams" are not considered free speech. We can and will revoke Amazon City membership for members who use the conferences for the sole purpose of "spamming" or posting inappropriate commercial announcements.

6. Dealing with problems. Members are encouraged to EMAIL the conference member involved should conflict arise, and not flame or otherwise attack someone in the conference regarding their behavior. Should you feel that someone is way out of line, please contact the host of the conference where the offense occurred.

Violation of any of the above guidelines - or any behavior that we deem to be harmful, inappropriate, or downright illegal - could be grounds to suspend or terminate your account. Mediation will be provided in certain cases. This is a free service and as such is provided "as-is," with no implied guarantees or warranties, yadda yadda, etc.

REMEMBER: Basic netiquette rules always apply in Amazon City!


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