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Strange Daze

Welcome registered users of this site. This site is part of an ever growing web presence and just a hell of alot of fun too. You know me and I can be very mischievous. But if you have access to this site (obviously you do or you wouldn't be reading this) your safe, don't worry, no harm will come to you. I will share bunches of stuff as I travel along the cyber hiways and biways. I encourage you to take part in this site. You can start by adding a link to the Add-a-Link page. I'm working on the add-a-page script now. It will let you create a page and add it online to this site. Oooh boy won't that be fun. You betcha. So anyway choose from the menu on the left. Those are the choices today. Maybe tommorrow there will be more, but then tommorrow never knows.

Enjoy Life, it is to short for sorrow