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  • Mail Linking
  • Mail Link/w Image
  • Banner w/Link
  • Blinking Text
  • Intradocument Link
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Feedback Form
  • Name Tracker
  • More Information

  • When using these codes for links and such remember to replace the XXX's with your information. Emails, images & other information as needed.

    Here is the code for adding a contact link:  

    <!--start copying link for Email-->
    <A HREF="">Contact Me</A>
    <!--end copy-->

    it will look like this
    Contact Me

    If you would like to add and image or a button to the contact link here is the code that you need to place on your page. Remember to place the image in a file on the server so that this code can find it.

    <!--begin copying code for icon email-->
    <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="images/XXX.gif" ALT="E-mail"></A>
    <!--end copy-->

    this is how it would look:


    Jump Code or Intradocument Linking

    This is the code that is used to jump around this document. Very useful for long pages, and quicker than having to load new pages. It is a linking code and is as follows.
    <A HREF="#name">What ever you want</A>

    This is the starting point. Replace "name" with what ever you want. This is where you want to jump from.

    The next bit will be where you want to jump to. You place this link code before the word that you want to go to.

    <A NAME="name">What ever you want</A>


    Banner With Link

    <!begin copying code-->
    <A HREF="http://www.XXX/XXX"><IMG SRC="images/sampban.gif" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="60" BORDER="0" ALT="banner"></A>
    <!--End Copying-->

    This will look like this:


    Blinking Text

    This is an easy one to over use, so watch it. You can place this code anywhere that you like. In text or headers or just to draw attention to something. It can also work with images.

    What ever <BLINK>You</BLINK> want.
    That will look like this- What ever You want.

    Simple huh?

    Now if you would like to add colour to the text you need to add the markup of <FONT COLOR="red"> just in fron of the word or text that you want to appear as red (or what ever colour that you wish). After the word/words you must enter in the code </FONT> for the browser to read it correctly. You will end up with this:
    What ever You want.


    Horizontal Rules

    This is a nice way of making quick divisions between sections in a document. You may also use images as dividers but this is quick and loads fast. Very good for text and no graphical sections of pages. Very simple code.


    This will give you a centered horizontal rule across the page. This may be altered by assigning a WIDTH to the rule.If you wrote this:


    You would get a horizontal rule that would be 40 percent of the page width like this:


    Name Tracker

    The name tracker is a script that sets a cookie in the users computer and each time they visit your site it will remember them and greet them. If you want to use this script you must download and then unzip it. Then copy and paste it into your web page. Easy as Pie.


    Feedback Form

    This form is a basic for used to find out about your visitors. Itcan be modified as needed. You will need to establish a CGI account somewhere or on your own server for these to work correctly. This is another zip file.Download Me.