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Welcome to the utility page.This page was designed for my students to use in the creation and promotion of their websites. But I think that it is only fair that I share it with all my online friends too. On this page you will find downloads, links and resources to help develop and promote your site. It matters little if you are just creating your own personal site or that you are out to rule cyberspace, you will find something here to make it all a little easier.

One of the first things I tell people is to download a version of Net 1.0, now you say why would I do that? A couple of reasons, 1st,it enables you to surf quickly and download files very effeciently. 2nd it is able to proof your pages. If it will run in1.0 it will run on any browser. You will also need a good FTP program. This will allow you to upload your pages to the server. Now about web space if you don't already have a site the link will take you to some great places for acquiring one. If you already have a site get another one, you can never have too much cyberspace.

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These search engines allow you to add your URL for free.Simply click on any of these search engines. The link is the direct to submission page.

Alta Vista AOL Netfind BizWeb Excite
Galaxy Hot Bot i-Explorer Infohiway

Info SeekInfospaceLinkMasterLinkStarLycosMagellanNorthern LightProsperNetScrub The WebStarting PointWebCrawlerYahoo

I have added some new sites for resources, this will give you CGI (Common Gateway Interface) capabilities. These are good for forms, passwords, counters,guestbooks etc. Also for great interactive programs

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