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The Tarot, Oracles, Horoscope, Numbers and Runes Page

Or how You might be able to get an edge on life

Well here are a number of links to online services for readings and possible insights into your life and those around you. Some are rather good. The Friends and Lovers one is really rather accurate. I'm sure you will find them all to be of some help. Remember the more knowledge you have the more you can find meanings that read more true than what is posted in the cyber readings. But they are good guides. I have tried them myself. I will be adding more as I find and test them. If you have one and would like to have it included please

Please place the link below.


Friends and LoversI Ching

TarotRunesNumerologyYes or NO

Are you interested in having your own CyberTarot program? try this oneTarotor maybe you like to use the I Ching. Well I have these for you to download so please give them a try.

How would you like to have your Natal Chart done? For Free, well try this linkCharts and Horoscopes. It is actually quite good.

Tarot Runes I Ching>>