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Biorhythm for Siscrim

Birthday: May 22 1968    Target Day: March 9 1999

Primary Rhythms

Here you go, I set the target date for tommorrow. The primary cycles you see are the three cardinal biorhythm cycles: Physical, Emotional, and, Intellectual. Generally speaking, the more positive a cycle is at any given point in time, the better one is able to interact in that arena. For example, high emotional level tends to mean that a person is more stable, is better able to make relationship decisions, and so on. This is not to say that when the cycle is in the negative range that the person is not doing well in that arena, rather, it means that it is harder to do well. -- Plan exams when your Intellectual cycle is high etc.

Secondary Rhythms

The secondary rhythms are derived from various interactions amongst the primary rhythms. As such, the aspects they influence are a little less well defined, but, the power they exert is still very strong. Below is a description of the cycles.
Passion (physical joined with emotional)
The common force linking the physical and the emotional is power. Drive, incentive, and raw sexuality all draw from the passion cycle. From passion comes the ability to act.
Wisdom (emotional joined with intellectual)
From the emotional and the intellectual comes the ability to gauge what is worth pursuing. Wisdom guides passion.
Mastery (intellectual joined with physical)
While passion gives the initial energy to take something on, it is mastery that allows you to complete it (yet without passion, completion takes much longer). Mastery is the stoic ability to act on what you desire.

Target Day: March 9 1999

This is just what makes up the graphs. This shows one week before tommorrow and one week after. The Graphs show a two week window.

For info on compatability E mail me with B'Day info on the one in question. You can also request groups too.