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Hey this is a crazy site, you must be crazy to be here. It's okay I understand, your like me. Don't deny it. You used your password and that confirms it. Why you are here is strange in itself. There is nothing really here. Some how to build website stuff, which is just the workups of what went onto my students pages. Like I've said else where in these pages, it is a test site. Not all programs work, some links are dead and will not be recesitated. You may happen on somepages that aren't listed with links. They are abandoned pages. I really don't remove much off here. I do have a download site for fonts. programs and such that my students use. I may add a link for it here in the future. Enjoy. If you come across any scripts that are unique or new, send them to me with the subject heading"scripts".

Why not add some links to the link page . That would be very Kewl. you may also enjoy the Oracle, it is friendly.

But for somereason or another the site seems to have dissappeared, well parts of what offer on this page are not working. I'm looking for replacments.

How about finding out about past life. This program will not work on Net 4.+ or IE above 3.0, it works with mosaic and opera okay and the older versions of Net too bad otherwise..

I bet you would like to find out about some Free Web

stuff. You know resources, scripts that kind of stuff. This site is partly about building pages and maintaining websites. The other part is just insanity left over from well, you just explore and you may find out. It will change as I add stuff from my classes. I let them try the stuff first before I pass it along. This way we remove the bugs.

The Merry Pranksters

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