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CGI and What to do With Them

Okay what do I need with a CGI script? Well let me ask you if you are interested in knowing how many people visit your site? Would you like to be able to contact them and let them know when you have updated your site? How about getting comments from them? Lots of information can be passed back and forth. Your site does not have to be a "read only" site. CGI is a script program that runs off your site or someone elses. You don't need to know alot about script writing language to use them. All you need to do is cut and paste.

There are hundreds (maybe thousands by morning) offering this service. I will give you a few of the most popular. You will need to explore them. Following there list I have also included the link to finding backgrounds and such to add some style to your pages. You can add Email to your site to if you like. Custom Addy's are a great promotional item, so check the link



1-2-3 Web Tools




Byte Center


My List


Personal E Mail





Some of these services offer alot more than just counters and such. Bravenet allows the creation of custom E mail cards and a number of interactive forms. Many of them offer mailing lists with a variety of options. TenZero offers a redirect service that gives you a URL of name . The advantage of that is if your site is a hard to remember site with slashes and dots etc. this may make it easier. I have for these pages but I haven't really used it much yet. Many of them offer search engines (for use on your site) and other fun stuff. So explore them find others and then add them to the link page.

I would also like to add a mailing list to this page for just this class. When you fill it out the box add your name in front enclosed by less than & greater than signs, followed by your addy, . This makes Identification easier and allows for personal addressed messages (one some systems).

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