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FREE Web Space

Okay there are a number of outfits offering webspace, most throw banners across the site as it opens, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. For the price of the site I think we can live with it. Now some don't, and I will talk about the various ones in class. So below are some of the better ones. Most of them I have sites on, so I have checked them out.

XOOM One of the nicest, no banners, lots of freebies. 11 mg, FTP
Fortunecity Good choice. 20mg, FTP. Allows business sites.
Tripod Good site, slow FTP but very user friendly, has CGI
The Globe Nice Site, good FTP user friendly
Multimania I like this Place. Not a lot of mg but great. It is in France so all the instructions are in French
WebJump Okay site, a little slow on the FTP connection. Leaves a banner at the top of your pages, good for a secondary site
Delphi It's okay. No FTP, create and upload from their utility page. Works well some nice features included. Really for lamers.

I did not include Geocities or AOL, if you have to ask then you haven't surfed much. These are okay but I am not happy with them. You should keep in mind when designing a site that 70% of your traffic will come from someone on AOL.

You should also have more than one E mail addy. This allows you to filter mail, sort personal from web services and similar items. Iname is great, it's free and it allows you to have auto forwarding. Hotmail very good service from MicroSoft (yeah I know). Very reliable. All of the web servers above give you free E mail too, so you can end up with alot of addies. Keep a good notebook.